Training Practice

We have been accredited as a training practice and may have several GP trainees at any one time. These doctors will be fully qualified and will have considerable experience as hospital doctors. They will be with us to gain experience in General Practice.

They may video consultations as part of their training but only with your consent. You are fully entitled to refuse being involved in such sessions if you wish.

Sometimes we have an FY2 doctor placed in the practice for 4 months of the year.  This is a doctor who has completed at least one year as a hospital doctor and is with us to gain experience of General Practice.

We sometimes have medical students from Glasgow University sitting in during consultations with patients.  If you do not wish to have a medical student present, it is quite alright to let Reception or your doctor know. We will ask them to leave the room while you are seen.

We very much appreciate the time and help that our patients give to help our students and doctors learn about general practice.