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SPECIAL NOTICE: Don't get scared, Get screened Breast Screening for Grantley Medical Practice now taking place from 16th - 30th January. More information under Health Advice.

Health Advice

Flu immunisations - Further information:    over 65's  :  pre-school children  :  pregnant patients  :  under 65 with chronic health condition

Breast screening - more information by clicking here.

Community Health Services:  Information on improving you health, community mental health services, continence services, respiratory services (COPD) and occupational therapy. 

Mental health advice from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Support and information for Adults, Older People, Children and Families, Unpaid Carers, Suicide Prevention, Housing Options and Homelessness and Drugs and Alcohol. Click here for further information.

Private Non-NHS  Fees

The NHS provides most health care free of charge. However there are a number of other services for which fees can be charged. These are mainly for services not covered by the NHS, such as medical reports for insurance companies and lawyers, letters for employers or school or university, fitness to travel or  fitness to undertake certain sports.  The fee will vary according to the time required to complete the report.

Doctors are involved in a whole range of non-medical work, largely on the basis that they occupy a position of trust within the community, and are in the position to verify the accuracy of information. If a GP signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a professional duty that s(he) checks the accuracy of such information. This may involve examining the patient and or their entire medical record.

Please contact the reception team for more information.

There are a number of certificates which GPs are obliged to provide free of charge. These include certain certificates supporting claims by patients for social security benefits. 

If a patient is off work for seven days or less the GP does not have to provide a sick note. A patient can be refused a note or charged for a private one for illnesses of seven days or less.

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