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SPECIAL NOTICE: ************************** Coronavirus information. Important: If possible please avoid coming to the practice in person and instead call us with any issues or requests. If you have symptoms of fever or cough please STAY AT HOME AND SELF ISOLATE with self care while you are unwell. You do not need to contact the practice unless you are becoming increasingly unwell. You will not need to be routinely tested for coronavirus COVID 19 for your symptoms. You can seek current advice on the NHS Inform website (a link to this is available under Health Advice).

How do I order a repeat prescription?


You can now register for on-line repeat prescriptions  ordering and making some appointments.  See separate link on home page.

Any repeat medication (i.e. medication that appears on the right hand side of your prescription) can be ordered by handing in your slip or by telephone—these can be processed within 24 hours (i.e. the following day after 2pm).

If the required medication is not mentioned on the right side of your prescription, then this is not a repeat medication.   A doctor may decide that it would be better to see you or speak to you before issuing these non-repeat medications,  therefore it is advisable for you to ensure a prescription has been issued before coming to the practice to collect it.  Please allow up to 48 hours for these requests to be processed.

Some pharmacies will order and collect repeat prescriptions on your behalf.  Please ask you pharmacist whether they offer this service.

We have a health board appointed prescribing support pharmacist who works in the practice one day a week.  

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