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SPECIAL NOTICE: Covid-19 information. We have been open throughout the pandemic but are having to operate differently to stay in line with government guidance. If possible please avoid coming to the practice in person and instead call us with any issues or requests. If you have symptoms of fever, cough or loss of / change in sense of smell or taste please self-isolate with self care while you are unwell. If you need medical advice then please refer to current advice on the NHS Inform website (link is under 'health advice'). We are currently experiencing a very high demand for appointments. Please consider if another service may be able to help in the first instance - more information can be found under 'appointments'. If you are asked to attend the surgery please wear a face covering if you have one, many thanks.


Welcome to our new website.  We hope to direct more patients to use it as their first health advice contact with the practice.

There is a link for some limited on-line services such as booking appointments ** (currently not available due to covid-19) ** and ordering repeat prescriptions.  

Feedback is welcome.

Covid vaccination passports

Publication Date: July 27 , 2021

The practice cannot provide you with a covid vaccination passport but you can find out how to get one here.

Covid vaccinations

Publication Date: March 30 , 2021

The covid-19 vaccination programme is underway in Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Some groups are being vaccinated at the GP practice and others are being vaccinated elsewhere by the healthboard. We encourage you to get vaccinated. More info can be found here.

Organ donation

Publication Date: March 30 , 2021

Organ donation in Scotland has changed to an opt out system. Find out more here.


In order to register with the practice please complete the necessary form available to download here or collect from reception. You will be asked to provide 1 form of photographic ID and proof of address, although these are no longer mandatory.  Completed applications take 24 hours to process. Access to practice services can be made after this time.